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Truck driven on top of other vehicles in Third Ward, injures 1 woman

THIRD WARD, TX- A white Dodge Ram crashed into a convertible and drove onto several vehicles in Third Ward on Feb. 24th, leaving one woman with severe injuries.

Click2Houston reports law enforcement had attempted to stop the Ram once they observed it speeding through Houston. The authorities started pursuing the Ram around the Wheeler Avenue and Emancipation Avenue area.

The driver of the Ram, however, continued to speed and was evading police when it hit the convertible. After hitting the convertible, the Ram had so much force behind it that it was literally pushed on top of other vehicles. Images show the heavy truck sitting on top of four vehicles.

The injured woman was inside the convertible. She was hospitalized, but an update on her condition reports that she should survive.

The at-fault driver sustained some small injuries which were treated before he was arrested. No one else seems to have been injured as the four vehicles under the truck were unoccupied at the time.

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